Study on the Coordinated Development of Rural Revitalization and New Urbanization in Dazhou City
作者: Xiaomei Pu
作者单位: 1Research Center of Sichuan Old Re-volutionary Areas Development, Sichuan University of Arts and Science, Dazhou, China
刊名: Voice of the Publisher, 2019, Vol.05 (03), pp.62-75
来源数据库: Scientific Research Publishing Journal
DOI: 10.4236/vp.2019.53005
原始语种摘要: Rural revitalization and new urbanization are inevitable to buildsocialist modernization and realize regional coordinated development. Both ofthem are indispensable and cannot be neglected. Therefore, in order to promotethe coordinated development of rural revitalization and new urbanization, thesefour aspects are needed. First, unified planning should be taken to promote therational flow of urban and rural factors. Second, deepen the reform of ruralland system to lay the foundation for the coordinated development of ruralrenewal and new urbanization. Third, raise funds through multiple channels toprovide guarantee for it. Fourthly, we should train and introduce talents invarious ways to provide support.
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  • inevitable 必然
  • indispensable 必需的
  • deepen 加深
  • urbanization 城市化
  • development 开发
  • introduce 引进
  • rural 乡村的
  • modernization 现代化
  • revitalization 复活
  • planning 计划