Independent active and thermodynamic processes govern the nucleolus assembly in vivo
刊名: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2017, Vol.114 (6), pp.1335-1340
来源数据库: JSTOR
关键词: Liquid–liquid phase separationIntracellular phase transitionMembrane–less organelleRNA granuleDrosophila nucleologenesis
原始语种摘要: Membraneless organelles play a central role in the organization of protoplasm by concentrating macromolecules, which allows efficient cellular processes. Recent studies have shown that, in vitro, certain components in such organelles can assemble through phase separation. Inside the cell, however, such organelles are multicomponent, with numerous intermolecular interactions that can potentially affect the demixing properties of individual components. In addition, the organelles themselves are inherently active, and it is not clear how the active, energy-consuming processes that occur constantly within such organelles affect the phase separation behavior of the constituent macromolecules. Here, we examine the phase separation model for the formation of membraneless organelles in vivo by...
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  • active 活动的
  • assembly 组装
  • nucleolus 核仁
  • recruitment 补充
  • examine 
  • assemble 集合
  • separation 分选
  • although 虽然
  • numerous 许多的
  • components 零部件