Egg Covering Behavior of the Neotropical Harvestman Promitobates ornatus (Opiliones, Gonyleptidae)
作者: Rodrigo Hirata Willemart
刊名: Journal of Arachnology, 2001, Vol.29 (2), pp.249-252
来源数据库: JSTOR
关键词: LaniatoresMitobatinaeBiologyCareMaternal investment
原始语种摘要: The egg covering behavior of the laniatorid harvestman Promitobates ornatus was studied. Females of this species laid egges isolated, on soil. After laying an egg, the female started scraping the substrate next to the egg, picking up debris, and attached the earth particles to the egg. After she scraped one area, she rotated around the egg, stopped turning, and restarted the collection of debris from another site. Alternation of scraping and changing body position was repeated twice or more until the female completed the egg covering. Data on egg size, duration of egg laying and egg covering, and duration of embryonic development are also provided.
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  • 女性的 别的
  • scraping 刮削
  • laying 敷设
  • covering 覆盖物
  • started 已启动
  • until 直到...为止
  • debris 岩屑
  • duration 持续时间
  • another 别的
  • female 别的
  • turning 车削