Cross Infections among Brucella Infected Guinea Pigs
作者: G. Briggs PhillipsGrover C. BroadwaterMorton ReitmanRobert L. Alg
刊名: The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 1956, Vol.99 (1), pp.56-59
来源数据库: JSTOR
原始语种摘要: Significant cross infection occurred when normal guinea pigs were placed as controls in ventilated cages with guinea pigs exposed bodily to aerosol of Brucella suis. Cross infection was demonstrated when the control animals were housed with aerosol-exposed animals (1) continuously for 28 days, (2) for the first day after exposure only and (3) for the 7th day only. When guinea pigs were exposed to large numbers of aerosolized Bacillus subtilis spores and held in ventilated cages, spores were detected in the air of the cages for as long as 18 days.
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  • guinea 畿尼
  • ventilated 风冷的
  • exposed 被辐照的
  • infection 感染
  • aerosol 气溶胶
  • housed 封装的
  • only 唯一的
  • exposure 暴露
  • bodily 身体的
  • numbers 数目