Exploring Magnetic Resonance with a Compass
作者: Esther CooksonDavid NelsonMichael AndersonIgor BarsukovDaniel L. McKinney
刊名: The Physics Teacher, 2019, Vol.57 (9), pp.633-635
来源数据库: American Association of Physics Teachers
DOI: 10.1119/1.5135797
原始语种摘要: Magnetic resonance is a quantum phenomenon and describes a resonant interaction of spins with electromagnetic fields. Its understanding requires advanced knowledge of quantum mechanics and condensed matter physics and thus often remains elusive to students. However, the great impact of this phenomenon on medicine, science, and technology makes magnetic resonance an important subject for general education, and it requires a graspable model for translating the physical concepts without resorting to advanced physics. One of the most common and familiar objects related to magnetism is the compass. Here, we develop an inexpensive tabletop demonstration experiment for magnetic resonance. The compass is placed into the magnetic field of a permanent magnet (strong refrigerator magnet); an...
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  • resonance 共振
  • magnetic 磁的
  • compass 罗盘
  • physical 物理的
  • familiar 亲密的
  • resorting 重分选
  • understanding 理解
  • refrigerator 冷冻机
  • medicine 
  • magnetism