An Authentic Research Project in Animal Behavior as an Introductory Physics Laboratory Exercise
作者: Chamaree de SilvaJeffrey PullenKatharine NorthcuttJarred Jenkins
刊名: The Physics Teacher, 2019, Vol.57 (9), pp.618-620
来源数据库: American Association of Physics Teachers
DOI: 10.1119/1.5135792
原始语种摘要: Many university and high school introductory physics courses include a laboratory portion where students follow a manual to conduct “cookbook” experiments. Here, we present an authentic research project for introductory physics students that focuses on kinematics that can be done outside a formal laboratory space. This experiment can be done in a high school or a university setting. Because it is not confined to a formal laboratory space, students can perform the experiment outside of a formal time period dedicated for labs, and over the course of a semester. This activity was developed as a part of an integrated science and mathematics program where students used their knowledge in kinematics to observe the psychology of animal behavior. Students were guided to write a research proposal...
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  • semester 一学期
  • authentic 可靠
  • proposal 申请
  • formal 形式的
  • conduct 行动
  • laboratory 实验室
  • experiment 实验
  • kinematics 运动学
  • introductory 前言
  • outside 外边