Potentiometric Studies of Binary Complexes of Transition Metal Ions with Lauric Acid
作者: Govindarajan KavithaParasuraman Vijaya RohiniSunkubangaru Sudarsan Alwar
刊名: Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 2018, Vol.34 (5)
来源数据库: Material Science Research India
DOI: 10.13005/ojc/340564
关键词: DMSO -Water MixturePh-Metric MethodStability Constant
原始语种摘要: The potentials of binary complexes of the Lauric acid ligand with various biologically vital divalent metal ions such as Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II)and Zn(II) have been studied in 50% DMSO-water mixture at constant ionic strength by Bjerrum method. Hydrogen ion concentrations were measured and the formation of binary complexes was inferred from the corresponding potentiometric pH-titration curves. The metal to ligand mole ratio was maintained at 1:5 to facilitate the maximum number of ligands to the metal ion. The dissociation constant has been determined by the half-integral method and pointwise method and were found in good agreement with each other. The Metal-Lauric acid stability constants have been calculated and compared with the results.
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  • constant 常数
  • metal 金属
  • corresponding 对应的
  • studied 学习
  • ratio 
  • various 千变万化的
  • concentrations 浓聚物
  • agreement 协议
  • potentiometric 电势测定的
  • pointwise 逐点