Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of newer substituted 2-oxo/thiobarbiturinylbenzoxa/thiazepine derivatives as potent anticonvulsant agents.
作者: MirdulaTyagiArchana
刊名: Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 2015, Vol.31 (1)
来源数据库: Material Science Research India
DOI: 10.13005/ojc/310113
关键词: seriesthiobarbiturinylsubstitutedphenyl)-3-[(substitutedaminomethylene)
原始语种摘要: A new series of 4-(2'-Oxo/thiobarbiturinyl)-2-(substitutedphenyl)-3-[(substitutedaminomethylene)]-2,3-dihydro-1,5-benzothiazepines (5a-5l) and 4-(2'-oxo/thiobarbiturinyl)-2-(substituted-phenyl)-3-(substitute daminomethylene)]-2,3-dihydro-1, 5- benzoxazepines (6a-6l) were synthesized. All the newly synthesized compounds were screened in vivo, for their acute toxicity and anticonvulsant activity in MES and PTZ models and were compared with standard drugs phenytoin sodium and sodium valporate. Out of the compounds studied, the most active compound of this series was 5 h, showed activity (90%) more potent than the standard drug.
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  • anticonvulsant 镇痉剂
  • potent 强大的
  • substituted 取代的
  • phenytoin 苯妥英
  • toxicity 毒性
  • sodium 
  • screened 筛过的
  • standard 标准
  • phenyl 苯基
  • derivatives 派生物