A critical reflection on a research partnership
刊名: Student Success Journal, 2019
来源数据库: STARS(Students, Transitions, Achievement, Retention & Success) Conference
This critical reflection asks what contributions a research partnership, active between 1997 and 2014, made to knowledge about student learning in higher education. It focuses on three overarching projects. The first, on assessment, addressed ways to empower students in assessment processes and make them fairer for students from diverse backgrounds. The second, on student retention and success, identified ways for students to integrate into higher education while also advocating that institutions adapt their cultures and practices to meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. The third, on student engagement, attracted considerable interest for a conceptual organiser of this complex construct. It included ten proposals for action and recognised the...
全文获取路径: STARS  (合作)

  • partnership 合伙关系
  • research 
  • reflection 反射
  • critical 临界的
  • institutional 惯例的
  • engagement 啮合
  • integrate 积分
  • retention 保留
  • addressed 收信地址
  • their 他们的