Impact of Passive Leg Cycling in Persons With Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review
作者: Chetan P. PhadkeLuciana VieriraSunita MathurGerson CiprianoFarooq IsmailChris Boulias
刊名: Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, 2019, Vol.25 (1), pp.83-96
来源数据库: Thomas Land Publishers
DOI: 10.1310/sci18-00020
关键词: Blood flow velocityErgometryH-reflexMuscle spasticityMuscle strengthOxygenSpinal cord injury
原始语种摘要: Background: Passive leg cycling is an important clinical tool available for rehabilitation after spinal cord injury (SCI). Passive cycling can be used to derive exercise-related benefits in patients with poor motor control. There have been a number of studies examining the effects of passive cycling on a variety of outcomes. There is need for a systematic assessment of the cycling parameters and the associated clinical changes in cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and musculoskeletal outcomes after passive cycling. Objectives : To assess the effectiveness of passive leg cycling interventions on cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and musculoskeletal outcomes post SCI, and to describe intensity, duration, and type of passive leg cycling post SCI. Methods : PRISMA guided systematic review of...
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  • cycling 循环
  • passive 被动的
  • single 单独的
  • statistically 统计地
  • effectiveness 有效性
  • systematic 有系统的
  • reflex 反射
  • spasticity 痉挛状态
  • benefits 津贴费
  • neuromuscular 神经肌肉