The role of (foreign?) culture on consumer buying behaviour: What changes when living abroad?
作者: Jessica LichyKevin Pon
作者单位: 1IDRAC, 47 rue Sergent Michel Berthet, CP 607, 69258 Lyon Cedex 09.
刊名: Transnational Marketing Journal, 2013, Vol.1 (1), pp.5-21
来源数据库: Transnational Press
原始语种摘要: Contemporary notions of marketing - such as international subcultures, the Information Society and the global village - would lead us to believe that consumers have access to and consume an abundance of products from different countries. In the light of increasing standardisation by global corporations, it follows the assumption that there will be a gradual convergence in consumer behaviour. This study explores the consumer behaviour of Anglo-Saxons living in the Rhône-Alpes area of south-east France - with reference to country-of-origin (COO) effects when shopping for food produce. Building on studies of acculturation, the research sets out to explore the extent to which specific factors such as price, gender, age and length of residence in a foreign country may have an influence on...
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  • buying 收买
  • foreign 外国的
  • consumer 消费者
  • country 地方
  • behaviour 性质
  • purchasing 采购
  • reference 基准电压源
  • choice 选择
  • global 球状的
  • culture