Mapping action and identity in the Kobani crisis response
作者: Thomas McGee
作者单位: 1Graduate of Kurdish Studies, University of Exeter.
刊名: Kurdish Studies, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.51-77
来源数据库: Transnational Press
原始语种摘要: This article compares humanitarian operations associated with Turkish state and pro-Kurdish movement actors in response to the large cross-border displacement of Kurdish-Syrians into Turkey from the September 2014 Kobani crisis. Analysis draws on actor mapping methodologies and fieldwork conducted in the Kurdish-majority town of Suruç in southern Turkey. Parallels with the 2011 Van earthquakes highlight the ethno-national complexities and potential controversy encountered when responding to humanitarian needs of predominantly Kurdish populations in Turkey. The alternative territorial identities generated by practices of Kurdish municipal-level “governmentality” (through camp management and humanitarian assistance) trouble the assumed hierarchy between Turkish state authorities and Kurdish...
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  • humanitarian 人道主义
  • crisis 危机
  • article 冠词
  • identity 恒等性
  • highlight 增强亮度
  • state 状态
  • hierarchy 分级
  • controversy 争议
  • potential 
  • September 九月