Synthesis of Dihexyldithiophosphate Ligand and a Preliminary Study on Its Use for the Extraction of Gadolinium from Rare Earth Elements Mixture
作者: Santhy WyantutiUji PratomoMira AprilaniAnni AnggraeniHusein H. Bahti
作者单位: 1Padjadjaran University
刊名: Key Engineering Materials, 2020, Vol.4790 , pp.270-275
来源数据库: Trans Tech Journal
DOI: 10.4028/
关键词: GadoliniumSolvent ExtractionContrast AgentDihexyldithiophosphate
原始语种摘要: Development of body imaging techniques for medical diagnosis has future promising. To improve the image visibility, Gadolinium (Gd) has been known as an important material for preparing the contrast agent. However, since the rare earth metals have unique physical properties, the separation of Gd from the other metals by a simple, effective and efficient method is still challenging. Hereby, we report the separation of Gd from the rare earth mixture with dihexyl dithiophosphate (DHDTP) ligand by solvent extraction method. The amount of Gd before and after the extraction process was determined with ICP-OES. The results show that the extraction efficiency for the mixed samples of Gd (III) and Sm (III) is 53.10% with 51.10% purity of Gd (III) and extraction efficiency for mixed samples of Gd...
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  • extraction 提取
  • challenging 有希望的
  • dihexyl 十二烷
  • preparing 预梳
  • mixed 混合的
  • promising 前提
  • amount 总计
  • mixture 混合物
  • separation 分选
  • solvent 溶媒