Optimal Quality Degradation Modeling in Food Supply Chain
作者: Lamiae DouiriAbdelouahhab JabriAbdellah El Barkany
作者单位: 1Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University
刊名: International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa, 2019, Vol.4747 , pp.192-204
来源数据库: Trans Tech Journal
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/JERA.45.192
关键词: Food Supply ChainMILPFood QualityOptimizationQuality ModelingCPLEX Software
原始语种摘要: This paper deals with the integration of the cost of food quality COFQ in decision-making on storage and transportation conditions through a food supply chain. We propose a quantitative model which formulates the Cost of Food Quality COFQ across the food supply chain according to the classical model PAF. Results obtained using CPLEX are illustrated with numerical examples to highlight the impact of quality parameters such as cooling cost and transportation cost factor on total cost of the Food Supply Chain (FSC), and thus to show how consideration of quality costs may lead to increased efficiency and cost saving of the food supply chain.
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  • quality 品质
  • supply 供给
  • transportation 搬运
  • according 按照
  • chain 
  • total 总和
  • saving 节省
  • costs 费用
  • efficiency 效率
  • decision 决定