作者: Đorđe S. Čantrak Javier Urzay
刊名: Thermal Science, 2018, Vol.21 (Supplement)
来源数据库: Society for Thermal Engineers of Serbia
原始语种摘要: This Supplement contains papers presented at the Turbulence Workshop - International Symposium held at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from August 31-September 2, 2015. The participants were researchers from fourteen universities and four institutes from Germany, Japan, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and USA. Two Serbian schools of turbulence at the University of Belgrade played an important role in leading this event: The School of the Turbulent Swirling Flow at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and The Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences. Turbulence, one of the most difficult and unsolved problems that remains in classical physics, still attracts the attention of numerous engineers and researchers...
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  • instance 例子
  • fourteen 十四
  • event 事件
  • turbulence 湍流紊流
  • September 九月
  • classical 经典的
  • attention 注意
  • numerous 许多的
  • change 变化
  • climate 气候