Performance investigation of a gasifier and gas engine system operated on municipal solid waste briquettes
作者: Nigran HomdoungNattawud DussadeeKittikorn SasujitTanongkiat KiatsiriroatNakorn Tippayawong
作者单位: 1School of Renewable Energy, Maejo University 63 Moo 4 Nongharn, Sansai, Chiang Mai, 50290
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50200,
刊名: International Journal of Renewable Energy Development, 2019, Vol.8 (2), pp.179-184
来源数据库: Center of Biomass and Renewable Energy, Diponegoro University
DOI: 10.14710/ijred.8.2.179-184
关键词: Gas engineGasifierMunicipal solid wasteBriquette fueled
原始语种摘要: Municipal solid waste (MSW) and charcoal can be used as a substitute fuel in a gas engine. In this work, performance of a downdraft gasifier and gas engine system operated on MSW briquette fuel was investigated. Experimental test was carried out on a 62 kW, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine coupled to a 20 kW dynamometer. The downdraft gasifier was used to generate producer gas from MSW briquettes and charcoal. The engine load was varied between 1.5-9.0 kW. Biomass consumption, producer gas production, cold gas efficiency, thermal efficiency of the gas engine, carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC) emissions and exhaust temperature were evaluated. The MSW briquette fuelled operation was compared against that with charcoal. It was found that, the use of MSW briquette led to...
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  • waste 岩屑
  • operated 被操作的
  • municipal 城市
  • gasifier 煤气发生器
  • engine 发动机
  • solid 固体
  • briquette 团矿
  • efficiency 效率
  • charcoal 木炭
  • downdraft 向下通风