Information Overload and the Internationalization Process Model: An Implementation Attempt
作者: Ernesto Tapia Moore
刊名: Journal of Business, Universidad del Pacífico (Lima), 2017, Vol.9 (1), pp.119-142
来源数据库: Universidad del Pacifico
关键词: Information overloadInformation slackExperiential learningAdaptive learningInternationalization Process model
原始语种摘要: This article presents a theoretical equation set based on the information interactions that result in experiential learning. We attempt to link our equation set to the Uppsala Internationalization Process model in order to quantify information overload and operationalize the Uppsala model under longitudinal time series settings. The internationalization process has generated an increase in the diversity and overall quantity of information, resulting in an increase of the variation and amount of information that a firm needs to process. This challenges a firm's capacity to simultaneously expand and learn. Market knowledge is acquired essentially through current business activities, all of which proceed from a firm’s market experience to generate experiential knowledge. Market experience is...
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  • information 报告
  • experiential 经验上的
  • learning 学识
  • process 过程
  • seeking 勘查
  • quantity 
  • general 普遍的
  • difficult 困难的
  • adopting 采取
  • market 市场