Entrepreneurial Potential, Realism and Optimism as Predictor Variables of Entrepreneurial Intention: Differences Between Spain and Portugal
作者: José Carlos Sánchez-GarcíaBrizeida Hernández SánchezJenny FlórezHelena I.B. SaraivaVitor M.S. Gabriel
刊名: Journal of Business, Universidad del Pacífico (Lima), 2017, Vol.9 (1), pp.67-82
来源数据库: Universidad del Pacifico
关键词: Entrepreneurial potentialrealismoptimismentrepreneurial intention
原始语种摘要: In the psychological literature, intentions appear to be a good predictor of future planned behavior (Ajzen, 1991). This factor is directly associated with people's ability to create a business and self-employment as a strategy of progress and independence. The present study is an attempt to analyze whether there are differences between university students in Spain and Portugal regarding entrepreneurial intention and potential using the PROE instrument (Pessimism, Realism, Optimism and Entrepreneurship). The sample comprises 110 university students with a mean age of 21 years, 68.8% of whom were women and 29.5% were men. All factors evaluated have good internal consistency, and it was concluded that there are significant differences between Spanish and Portuguese students in their...
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  • Portugal 葡萄牙
  • employment 雇用
  • university 大学
  • planned 计划的
  • economic 经济的
  • strategy 战略
  • establishment 确立
  • potential 
  • between 在中间
  • intention 意图