Barriers to Innovation and the Innovative Performance of Portuguese Firms
作者: Maria José MadeiraJoão CarvalhoJacinta Raquel Miguel MoreiraFilipe AP DuarteFlávio de São Pedro Filho
刊名: Journal of Business, Universidad del Pacífico (Lima), 2017, Vol.9 (1), pp.2-22
来源数据库: Universidad del Pacifico
关键词: Barriers to InnovationNetworksInnovative CapacityCIS
原始语种摘要: This paper aims to identify and analyze the main limiting factors of innovation performance in terms of product and process innovation. The limiting factors to innovation make the innovation process of a firm difficult, which influences its innovation performance. The goal of this essay is to develop a theoretical support based on current reference approaches, corroborated by empirical support, which allows for the identification and analysis of the factors that restrict innovation activity and innovation performance. The database is extracted from the Community Innovation Survey - CIS 2010, which was conducted under the responsibility of the Office of Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations/Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (GPEARI/MCTES), in...
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  • innovation 革新
  • propensity 晶癖
  • develop 发展
  • market 市场
  • barriers 势垒
  • empirical 经验的
  • innovate 改革
  • responsibility 责任
  • costs 费用
  • difficult 困难的