El palomar de Manolo. Estudio de caso de arquitectura vernácula desde el paradigma cultural
作者: Javier Universidad de Valladolid Pérez-Gil
刊名: Memoria y Civilización, 2019, Vol.22
来源数据库: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra
关键词: Vernacular ArchitectureMethodologyArchitectural theoryCultural Heritage
原始语种摘要: Traditionally, the study of vernacular architecture has had an eminently constructive and typological approach. Faced with this materialist and formalist paradigm, this paper proposes a case study from a decidedly cultural perspective. It is applied to a dovecote in Tierra de Campos, but not a typical one. It is a hybrid architecture; in use and rebuilt with industrial materials. The research will show the importance of contextual studies and the need to focus research on the human factor, because this is what the values that reflect the attributes of vernacular architecture refer to. Likewise, it will reveal that dovecots in Tierra de Campos have a tradition and historical significance very different from what has been thinked. It is intended, definitely, to reach the most complete...
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  • cultural 文化的
  • constructive 建设的
  • vernacular 本国的
  • definitely 明确地
  • refer 参考
  • tradition 传统
  • intended 未婚
  • architecture 构造
  • reflect 反射
  • will 意志