Denizli Municipal Urban Information System Design and Benefits/Cost Analysis
作者: Ünal ESER S.Savaş DURDURAN Ceren AVCI
刊名: Selcuk Universty Journal of Engineering, Science & Technology, 2013, Vol.1 (2)
来源数据库: Selcuk University Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology
关键词: Urban Information SystemLocal GovernmentsGeographical Information SystemArcGISCost-Benefit Analysis
原始语种摘要: It is very important that the rapidly access to the current map-based spatial information in addition to the present written documents in terms of the technical services carried out by local governments in urban areas. Therefore, the Urban Information Systems (UIS) technology is a very efficient decision making tool for urban governments. UIS is a spatial based information system that includes various graphic and attributes data for urban area. This kind of information is required for local governments. In this Study, a UIS design for Denizli Municipal has been carried out. In the design; project planning, selection of software and hardware, database design, data collection, data storage and testing of the system and its application have been done. As a result, Benefit-Cost analysis has...
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  • information 报告
  • technical 技术的
  • system 
  • design 设计
  • urban 城市
  • rapidly 迅速地
  • Analysis 分析
  • UIS Unit Indentification System
  • decision 决定
  • making 制定