Making Research Matter More—Working with Action Research and Film in Sustainability Science
作者: Elina Andersson and Ann Åkerman
刊名: Challenges in Sustainability, 2017, Vol.5 (1)
来源数据库: Librello Publishing
DOI: 10.12924/cis2017.05010024
关键词: Research outreachFilmAction researchAgricultureFood securityUganda
原始语种摘要: Advocacy for both critical analysis of social and environmental change and a more solutions-oriented agenda has been a central mission of sustainability science since its inception [1]. To this end, integration of knowledge across disciplinary divides and inclusion of non-academic actors into the research process have been widely promoted (e.g. [2–4]). Aspirations to link knowledge to action do not only bear on processes of knowledge generation, but also on strategies for research outreach.
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  • outreach 舷外跨距
  • Action 
  • knowledge 知识
  • inception 起始
  • Uganda 乌干达
  • integration 集成
  • generation 世代
  • security 可靠性
  • oriented 定向的
  • research