An Economic Simulation of the Path to Sustainable Energy: A Dynamic Analysis
作者: Charles F. Mason and Rémi Morin Chassé
刊名: Challenges in Sustainability, 2017, Vol.5 (2)
来源数据库: Librello Publishing
DOI: 10.12924/cis2017.05020001
关键词: Non-renewable resourceRenewable energySustainability
原始语种摘要: The existing economics literature neglects the important role of capacity in the production of renewable energy. To fill this gap, we construct a model in which renewable energy production is tied to renewable energy capacity, which then becomes a form of capital. This capacity capital can be increased through investment, which we interpret as arising from the allocation of energy, and which therefore comes at the cost of reduced general production. Requiring societal well-being to never decline—the notion of sustainability favored by economists—we describe how society could optimally elect to split energy in this fashion, the use of non-renewable energy resources, the use of renewable energy resources, and the implied time path of societal well-being. Our model delivers an empirically...
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  • renewable 可更新的
  • resources 资源
  • capital 首都
  • economics 经济学
  • Analysis 分析
  • allocation 分配
  • energy 能量
  • discuss 议论
  • stock 岩株
  • Energy 能量