Studies of gel with immobilized semen by intrauterine endoscopy post‐artificial insemination
作者: Halldor Felde BergHeidi Cecilie Larsen SpångBjørg HeringstadErik RopstadAnne Hege Alm‐KristiansenElisabeth Kommisrud
作者单位: 1Norwegian University of Life Sciences Oslo Norway
2 SpermVital AS Hamar Norway
3 Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ås Norway
4 Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Hamar Norway
刊名: Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 2020, Vol.55 (3), pp.401-404
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1111/rda.13630
关键词: Artificial inseminationCattleEndoscopyImmobilized spermatozoa
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)An extended lifespan of spermatozoa following artificial insemination (AI) can make the timing of insemination less critical, as previously demonstrated with immobilized spermatozoa that are gradually released from an alginate gel. The purpose was to examine the in vivo dissolution of SpermVital (SV) alginate gel over time by endoscopy and secondly to assess spermatozoa quality after incubation of the gel. In vivo endoscopy showed SV gel in the uterus 3, 6, 20 and 24 hr after AI, demonstrating the potential release of spermatozoa to the uterus during this period. In utero ex vivo incubation of the semen demonstrated that high motility and viability of sperm cells was sustained following overnight incubation.
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  • insemination 授精
  • semen 精液
  • spermatozoa 精子
  • intrauterine 子宫内的
  • artificial 人为的
  • endoscopy 内窥镜检查
  • incubation 孵化
  • demonstrated 探明的储量
  • previously 以前
  • secondly 第二