Simultaneous Optical Tuning of Hole and Electron Transport in Ambipolar WSe<sub>2</sub> Interfaced with a Bicomponent Photochromic Layer: From High‐Mobility Transistors to Flexible Multilevel Memories
作者: Haixin QiuZhaoyang LiuYifan YaoMartin HerderStefan HechtPaolo Samorì
作者单位: 1University of Strasbourg CNRS ISIS UMR 7006, 8 Alleé Gaspard Monge F‐67000 Strasbourg France
2 Department of Chemistry and IRIS Adlershof Humboldt‐Universität zu Berlin 12489 Berlin Germany
3 DWI–Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials Forckenbeckstr. 50 52056 Aachen Germany
4 Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry RWTH Aachen University Worringer Weg 2 52074 Aachen Germany
刊名: Advanced Materials, 2020, Vol.32 (11), pp.n/a-n/a
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201907903
关键词: Ambipolar 2D semiconductorsEnergy‐level phototuningFlexible electronicsMultilevel memoriesPhotochromic molecular blends
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)The interfacing of 2D materials (2DMs) with photochromic molecules provides an efficient solution to reversibly modulate their outstanding electronic properties and offers a versatile platform for the development of multifunctional field‐effect transistors (FETs). Herein, optically switchable multilevel high‐mobility FETs based on few‐layer ambipolar WSe2 are realized by applying on its surface a suitably designed bicomponent diarylethene (DAE) blend, in which both hole and electron transport can be simultaneously modulated for over 20 cycles. The high output current modulation efficiency (97% for holes and 52% for electrons) ensures 128 distinct current levels, corresponding to a data storage capacity of 7 bit. The device is also implemented on a flexible and...
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  • Electron 埃雷克特龙镁合金
  • sub 分段
  • ambipolar 二极的
  • current 
  • electronics 电子学
  • switchable 可变换的
  • device 装置
  • bicomponent 双组分
  • flexible 接电绳
  • nonvolatile 非挥发性的