Morphological Transformation between Orthogonal Dynamic Covalent Self‐Assembly of Imine‐Boroxine Hybrid Polymer Nanocapsules and Thin Films via Linker Exchange
作者: Ruizhen TianXiaoTong FanShengda LiuFei LiFeihu YangYijia LiQuan LuoChunxi HouJiayun XuJunqiu Liu
作者单位: 1State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials College of Chemistry Jilin University 2699 Qianjin Street Changchun 130012 China
刊名: Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2020, Vol.41 (6), pp.n/a-n/a
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/marc.201900586
关键词: Amine‐imine‐exchange strategyMorphological transformationOrthogonal dynamic covalent self‐assemblyPolymer nanocapsules and thin films
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)Orthogonal dynamic covalent self‐assembly is used as a facile method for constructing polymer hollow nanocapsules (NCs) and thin films. The bifunctional precursor 4‐formylphenylboronic acid is symmetrically installed with a boronic acid group for the boroxine linkage, and an aldehyde group for the Schiff base reaction which can react with twofold symmetry linkers ethylenediamine and para phenylenediamine to attain polymer NCs and nanosheets. Owing to the reversibility of the imine linkages, the mutual morphological transformation between polymer NCs and thin films via an amine‐imine‐exchange strategy is successfully achieved. Multiple reversible covalent bonds allow the control the release of the load in polymer NCs using different techniques. This may be useful for designing...
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  • imine 亚胺
  • facile 容易的
  • covalent 共价的
  • reaction 反酌
  • polymer 聚合物
  • assembly 组装
  • bonds 公债
  • transformation 变换
  • dynamic 动力学的
  • attain 到达