Trends in modes of death in heart failure over the last two decades: less sudden death but cancer deaths on the rise
作者: Pedro MolinerJosep LupónMarta AntonioMar DomingoEvelyn Santiago‐VacasElisabet ZamoraGermán CedielJavier SantesmasesCrisanto Díez‐QuevedoMaria Isabel TroyaMaria BoldóSalvador AltmirNuria AlonsoBeatriz GonzálezJulio NúñezAntoni Bayes‐Genis
作者单位: 1Heart Failure Clinic and Cardiology Service University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol Badalona Spain
2 Department of Medicine Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Barcelona Spain
3 CIBERCV Instituto de Salud Carlos III Madrid Spain
4 Department of Medicine Universitat de Barcelona Barcelona Spain
5 Cardiology Department Hospital Clínico Universitario, INCLIVA Valencia Spain
6 Departament of Medicine Universidad de Valencia Valencia Spain
刊名: European Journal of Heart Failure, 2019, Vol.21 (10), pp.1259-1266
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/ejhf.1569
关键词: Heart failureCardiovascular deathNon‐cardiovascular deathMortalitySudden deathCancer
原始语种摘要: Aims(#br)Better management of heart failure (HF) over the past two decades has improved survival, mainly by reducing the incidence of death due to cardiovascular (CV) causes. Deaths due to non‐CV causes, particularly cancer, may be increasing. This study explored the modes of death of consecutive patients who attended a HF clinic over 17 years.(#br)Methods and results(#br)A total of 935 deaths were ascertained from 2002 to 2018 among 1876 patients (mean age 65.8 ± 12.5 years, 75% men, left ventricular ejection fraction < 50%) admitted to our HF clinic. Median follow‐up was 4.2 years [1.9–7.8]. Mode of death was curated from patient health records and verified by the Catalan and Spanish health system databases. Trends for every mode of death were assessed by polynomial regression. Two...
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  • over 在上方
  • modes 模式
  • years 年代
  • total 总和
  • cancer 癌症
  • polynomial 多项式
  • mainly 主要地
  • increase 增加
  • improved 改进
  • system