Estimation of silica flocculation in SBR/BR compounds reinforced with different silica contents from their rheocurves
作者: Jae‐Kyoung YangWonhyeong ParkChangseok RyuSun Jung KimDo Il KimGon SeoJong‐Ho KimChang‐Bok Chung
作者单位: 1Mirae Scientific Instruments Inc., 10 Cheomdanventure‐ro 16th, Buk‐gu Gwangju 61009 South Korea
2 School of Chemical Engineering Chonnam National University, 77 Yongbong‐ro, Buk‐gu Gwangju 59626 South Korea
刊名: Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2020, Vol.137 (15), pp.n/a-n/a
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/app.48559
关键词: ApplicationsCompositesRubber
原始语种摘要: ABSTRACT(#br)The rheocurves of silica‐filled styrene–butadiene/polybutadiene rubber (SBR/BR) compounds containing 3‐octadecyltriethoxy silane (OTES) and bis‐[triethoxysilylpropyl]tetrasulfide (TESPT) were investigated to examine the effects of silica content and silanes on silica flocculation during mixing and cure. SBR/BR compounds without curatives were also prepared to infer the effect of cure on silica flocculation. The maximum torque of the compounds could be deconvoluted to individual source torques such as silica flocculation during mixing and cure, crosslinking of rubber, and coupling between rubber and silica by assuming the independence of silica flocculation from cure and coupling. Torque due to silica flocculation increased with the silica content of the SBR/BR compounds, but...
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  • flocculation 絮凝
  • SBR Segment Base Register
  • compounds 化合物
  • silica 硅土
  • effects 海员自身物品
  • their 他们的
  • rubber 橡胶
  • coupling 连接
  • polybutadiene 聚丁二烯
  • during 在的期间