Multi‐mode resource‐constrained project scheduling using modified variable neighborhood search heuristic
作者: Ripon K. ChakraborttyAlireza AbbasiMichael J. Ryan
作者单位: 1Capability Systems Centre, School of Engineering and Information Technology University of New South Wales Canberra 2600 Australia
刊名: International Transactions in Operational Research, 2020, Vol.27 (1), pp.138-167
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1111/itor.12644
关键词: Resource constraintsMulti‐mode RCPSPsNeighborhood searchHeuristics
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)This paper aims at providing a fast near‐optimum solution to the multi‐mode resource‐constrained project scheduling problems (MRCPSPs), for projects with activities that have known deterministic renewable and nonrenewable resource requirements. The MRCPSP is known to be nondeterministic polynomial‐time hard and has been solved using various exact, heuristic, and meta‐heuristic procedures. In this paper, a modified variable neighborhood search heuristic algorithm is used as an advanced optimization technique that suits scheduling problems. For the experimental study, we have considered a standard set of 3929 multi‐mode benchmark instances from the project scheduling library with a range of projects comprising 10–30 activities. Moreover, for a better comparison, this research...
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  • heuristic 试探
  • variable 变量
  • scheduling 
  • neighborhood 邻域
  • search 搜索
  • deterministic 确定性
  • constrained 约束
  • project 凸出
  • polynomial 多项式
  • algorithm 算法