Molecular weight dependency of β phase formation in injection‐molded isotactic polypropylene
作者: Xiao YangCristina Tuinea‐BobeBen WhitesidePhil CoatesYing LuYongfeng Men
作者单位: 1State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Renmin Street 5625 Changchun 130022 People's Republic of China
2 University of Science and Technology of China Hefei 230026 People's Republic of China
3 School of Engineering, Design and Technology University of Bradford Bradford BD7 1DP United Kingdom
刊名: Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2020, Vol.137 (15), pp.n/a-n/a
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/app.48555
关键词: CrystallizationMoldingX‐ray
原始语种摘要: ABSTRACT(#br)The influence of β‐nucleating agents and the molecular weight of isotactic polypropylene (iPP) on the formation of β phase in the injection‐molded iPP were explored using wide‐angle X‐ray diffraction technique. Without the β‐nucleating agents, the molecular weight of iPP was the dominant factor controlling the production of β phase during injection. A higher molecular weight could promote the orientation of molecular chains in the skin layer of injected sample, bringing out a larger content of β phase in the corresponding region. Although the β‐nucleating agents had a profound effect on the formation of β phase, it was only efficient for the iPP with moderate molecular weights. The systems of the lowest and highest molecular weight iPP samples compounded with β‐nucleating...
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  • isotactic 全同
  • nucleating 成核过程
  • polypropylene 聚丙烯
  • molded 浇铸
  • weight 
  • dependency 依赖性
  • injection 贯入
  • formation 建造
  • orientation 定向
  • molecular 分子的