ChemInform Abstract: Asymmetric Decarboxylative 1,4‐Addition of Malonic Acid Half Thioesters to Vinyl Sulfones: Highly Enantioselective Synthesis of 3‐Monofluoromethyl‐3‐arylpropanoic Esters.
作者: Baokun QiaoQian LiuHongjun LiuLin YanZhiyong Jiang
作者单位: 1Inst. Chem. Biol., Henan Univ., Kaifeng, Henan 475004, Peop. Rep. China
刊名: ChemInform, 2015, Vol.46 (46),
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/chin.201546086
关键词: carboxylic acid derivatives (acyclic compounds)halogenated carboxylic acids and esters (acyclic compounds)diastereoselective synthesesenantioselective syntheses (incl. cis/trans‐isomerism)decarboxylationaddition reactions
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)A highly efficient enantioselective synthesis of 3‐monofluoromethyl‐3‐arylpropanates using a cinchona alkaloid‐derived benzyl‐substituted thiourea as catalyst is described.
全文获取路径: Wiley  (合作)

  • carboxylic 类羧酸的
  • isomerism 异构
  • thiourea 硫脲
  • cinchona 金鸡纳树属
  • esters 酯类
  • acyclic 非周期的
  • compounds 化合物
  • substituted 取代的
  • catalyst 催化剂
  • derivatives 派生物