Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition and Light‐Responsive Cross‐Linking of Poly(vinyl cinnamate) Thin Films
作者: Christy D. PetruczokEfe ArmaganGozde Ozaydin InceKaren K. Gleason
作者单位: 1Department of Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge MA 02139 USA
2 Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Sabanci University 34956 Istanbul Turkey
刊名: Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2014, Vol.35 (15), pp.1345-1350
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/marc.201400130
关键词: photoresistspolymerssurfacesthin films
原始语种摘要: The first vapor‐phase deposition of poly(vinyl cinnamate) (PVCin) is reported. Initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) is used to synthesize PVCin thin films with an average thickness of 100 nm. Free radical polymerization and cyclization reactions compete during the deposition process, with approximately 45% of the repeat units undergoing cyclization. Exposure to UV light ( λ = 254 nm) induces dimerization (cross‐linking) of the PVCin, which is quantified using spectroscopic techniques. Approximately 90% of the free cinnamate moieties are dimerized at a UV dose of 300 mJ cm
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  • vinyl 乙烯基
  • cinnamate 肉桂酸盐
  • deposition 沉积
  • vapor 
  • thickness 厚度
  • polymerization 聚合酌
  • synthesize 合成
  • cyclization 环化
  • films 薄膜
  • light