Periodic variation method for blind symbol rate estimation
作者: Ahmet GünerIsmail Kaya
作者单位: 1Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Karadeniz Technical University Trabzon Turkey
刊名: International Journal of Communication Systems, 2014, Vol.27 (12), pp.4199-4209
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1002/dac.2606
关键词: symbol rate estimationcyclostationarycyclic correlationblind estimation
原始语种摘要: SUMMARY(#br)In order to obtain unknown symbol rate of incoming signal at a receiver, in this paper, cyclostationary features of linear digitally modulated signals are exploited by proposed periodic variation method. A low complexity but highly accurate symbol rate estimation technique is obtained. The proposed method is based on a superposed epoch analysis over autocorrelations obtained blindly in different sampling frequencies. The obtained autocorrelations are analyzed in the frequency domain, and it is seen that there are large oscillations when the autocorrelation is obtained around the symbol rate. Then, a superposed epoch analysis is developed in order to estimate symbol rate based of the periodic variations on the frequency responses of autocorrelations. The proposed algorithm is...
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  • symbol 符号
  • blind 暗的
  • estimation 估计
  • variation 变异
  • periodic 周期的
  • proven 证明
  • transform 变换
  • feature 结构元件
  • superposed 上叠的
  • unknown 不知道的