Role of stress‐related hormones in plant defence during early infection of the cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii in Arabidopsis
作者: Nina KammerhoferZoran RadakovicJully M. A. RegisPetre DobrevRadomira VankovaFlorian M. W. GrundlerShahid SiddiqueJulia HofmannKrzysztof Wieczorek
作者单位: 1Division of Plant Protection Department of Crop Sciences University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences UFT Tulln Konrad Lorenz Str. 24 3430 Tulln Austria
2 Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation Department Molecular Phytomedicine University Bonn Karlrobert‐Kreiten‐Str. 13 D‐53115 Bonn Germany
3 Institute of Experimental Botany Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Rozvojová 263 165 02 Prague 6 Lysolaje Czech Republic
刊名: New Phytologist, 2015, Vol.207 (3), pp.778-789
来源数据库: Wiley Journal
DOI: 10.1111/nph.13395
关键词: defence responsesearly infectionethyleneHeterodera schachtiijasmonic acidplant‐parasitic nematodessalicylic acid
原始语种摘要: Summary(#br)Heterodera schachtii , a plant‐parasitic cyst nematode, invades host roots and induces a specific syncytial feeding structure, from which it withdraws all required nutrients, causing severe yield losses. The system H. schachtii –Arabidopsis is an excellent research model for investigating plant defence mechanisms. Such responses are suppressed in well‐established syncytia, whereas they are induced during early parasitism. However, the mechanisms by which the defence responses are modulated and the role of phytohormones are largely unknown. The aim of this study was to elucidate the role of hormone‐based defence responses at the onset of nematode infection. First, concentrations of main phytohormones were quantified and the expression of several hormone‐related genes was...
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  • nematode 线虫
  • early 
  • defence 防御物
  • plant 植物
  • parasitism 寄生
  • Arabidopsis 阿布属
  • whereas 鉴于
  • hormones 激素
  • during 在的期间
  • specific