Clinical and radiographic outcomes after spinous process fixation and posterior fusion in an elderly cohort.
作者: Amir VokshoorSanjay KhuranaDean WilsonPeter Filsinger
作者单位: 1Providence Saint John's Health Center Chief of Spine Section Santa Monica, CA.
2Saint John's Health Center Santa Monica, CA.
3West Hills Hospital West Hills, CA.
4Kaiser Permanente Health Center Woodland Hills, CA.
刊名: Surgical technology international, 2014, Vol.25
来源数据库: Surgical Technology Online
原始语种摘要: Spinous process fixation (SPF) has gained attention as a less invasive option for lumbar fusion surgery. Minimally invasive techniques are of interest in an elderly population due to decreased surgical time and post-operative complications. Clinical outcomes and fusion rates have not been determined in a large cohort. Our objective was to describe significant predictors of visual analog scale (VAS), length of stay, blood loss, fusion rates, and complication rates for patients treated for degenerative lumbar spondolysis with ISP fixation with and without supplemental instrumentation. Charts were assessed for post-operative VAS vs. pre-operative VAS at: 1-3, >3-6, and >6-12 months. To control confounding variables, VAS scores were modeled as a repeated-measures linear-mixed-model. In a...
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  • spinous 具剌的
  • radiographic 射线照相的
  • cohort 伙伴
  • posterior 修]后面[端;验
  • fusion 融解
  • elderly 上了年纪的
  • operative 有法律效力
  • lumbar 腰的
  • fixation 固定
  • degenerative 退化的