Preparation and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Tablets of Flurbiprofen
作者: Ashish DixitHemant Kumar Sharma
作者单位: 1Dept. of pharmaceutical Chemistry, Translam Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Meerut, U.P. -250001.
刊名: Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018, pp.239-243
来源数据库: Empro Publications
原始语种摘要: The aim of investigation is to develop the effective delivery system for pain management of rheumatic disorders. The mouth dissolving tablets (MDTs) containing flurbiprofen was developed in order to accomplish enhanced solubility leading to better bioavailability profile. Different ratios, of flurbiprofen and Poly ethylene glycol 6000 i.e. 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5 were selected for the formulation of mouth dissolving tablets system and prepared by direct compression technique. The prepared batches of mouth dissolving tablets were characterized for thickness, hardness, weight variation, wetting time, disintegration time and drug content. The evaluation data for all batches was satisfactory out of them formulation C3 containing 6% MCC PH- 102 (Avicel) showed the best results with a value...
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  • tablets 平片体
  • flurbiprofen 氟比洛芬
  • formulation 配方
  • disintegration 蜕变
  • dissolving 溶解
  • profile 纵断图
  • satisfactory 满意的
  • compression 压缩
  • solubility 溶度
  • delivery 移交