Apoptosis and survival
作者: Manjul Tiwari
作者单位: 1Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, School of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
刊名: Indian Journal of Human Genetics, 2011, Vol.17 (3), pp.120-125
来源数据库: Wolters Kluwer Journal
DOI: 10.4103/0971-6866.92081
关键词: Apoptosiscancer therapyclonogenic survivalsenescence
原始语种摘要: The term apoptosis first appeared in the biomedical literature in 1972, to delineate a structurally distinctive mode of cell death responsible for cell loss within living tissues. The cardinal morphological features are cell shrinkage, accompanied by transient but violent bubbling and blebbing from the surface, and culminating in separation of the cell into a cluster of membrane-bounded bodies. Changes in several cell surface molecules also ensure that, in tissues, apoptotic cells are immediately recognised and phagocytosed by their neighbours. However, it is important to note that apoptosis is only one form of cell death and the particular death pathway that is the most important determinant for cancer therapy is not necessarily that which has the fastest kinetics, as is the bias in many...
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  • shrinkage 收缩
  • biomedical 生物医学
  • cardinal 知的
  • features 特征
  • morphological 形态学的
  • necessarily 必定
  • bounded 有界的
  • bubbling 起泡
  • blebbing 满地印花轮廓不清
  • violent 激烈的