Restriction of therapy mainly explains lower thrombolysis rates in reduced stroke service levels
作者: Christoph GumbingerBjörn ReuterWerner HackeTamara SauerIngo BruderCurt DiehmHorst WiethölterKarin SchoserMichael DaffertshoferStephan NeumaierElke DrewitzSusanne RodeRolf KernMichael G. HennericiChristian StockPeter Ringleb
作者单位: 1From the Departments of Neurology Heidelberg (C.G., W.H., P.R.) and Mannheim (T.S., R.K., M.G.H.) and Institute of Medical Biometry and Informatics (C.S.), Heidelberg University; Department of Neurology (B.R.), University Freiburg; Office for Quality Assurance in Hospitals (GeQiK®) Stuttgart at Baden-Wuerttembergische Hospital Federation (I.B., S.R.); Department of Internal Medicine (C.D.), Max-Grundig-Klinik, Bühl; Department of Neurology (H.W.), Bürgerhospital Stuttgart; Department of Internal Medicine (K.S.), Klinikum Landkreis Tuttlingen; Department of Neurology (M.D.), Klinikum Mittelbaden, Baden-Baden; Medical Services of Health Insurance Baden-Wuerttemberg (S.N.), Freiburg; and Klinikum Stuttgart (E.D.), Germany.
刊名: Neurology, 2016
来源数据库: Wolters Kluwer Journal
DOI: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002695
原始语种摘要: OBJECTIVE:: To assess the influence of preexisting disabilities, age, and stroke service level on standardized IV thrombolysis (IVT) rates in acute ischemic stroke (AIS). METHODS:: We investigated standardized IVT rates in a retrospective registry-based study in 36,901 patients with AIS from the federal German state Baden-Wuerttemberg over a 5-year period. Patients admitted within 4.5 hours after stroke onset were selected. Factors associated with IVT rates (patient-level factors and stroke service level) were assessed using robust Poisson regression modeling. Interactions between factors were considered to estimate risk-adjusted mortality rates and potential IVT rates by service level (with stroke centers as benchmark). RESULTS:: Overall, 10,499 patients (28.5%) received IVT. The IVT...
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  • stroke 笔划
  • thrombolysis 血栓溶解
  • service 服务
  • potential 
  • rates 地方税
  • admitted 公认的
  • lower 降下
  • level 水准
  • ischemic 福尔克曼氏麻痹
  • mainly 主要地