Rescue of cGMP Kinase I Knockout Mice by Smooth Muscle–Specific Expression of Either Isozyme
作者: Silke WeberDominik BernhardRobert LukowskiPascal WeinmeisterRené WörnerJörg W. WegenerNadejda ValtchevaSusanne FeilJens SchlossmannFranz HofmannRobert Feil
作者单位: 1From the Institut für Pharmakologie und Toxikologie der Technischen Universität (S.W., D.B., R.L., P.W., R.W., J.W.W., J.S., F.H.), München; Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie (N.V., S.F., R.F.), Universität Tübingen, Germany. J.S. is currently at the Institut für Pharmakologie und Toxikologie, Universität Regensburg, Germany.
刊名: Circulation Research, 2007, Vol.101 (11), pp.1096-1103
来源数据库: Wolters Kluwer Journal
DOI: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.107.154351
原始语种摘要: Smooth muscle expresses the Iα and the Iβ isoforms of cGMP-dependent protein kinase I (cGKI). Inactivation of the murine cGKI gene prkg1 leads to multiple phenotypes and premature death at ≈6 weeks. We reconstituted mice with the cGKIα or -Iβ isozyme to test which isozyme was needed to support basic smooth muscle functions. Mice were generated by gene targeting. The cGKIα or the -Iβ coding sequences were placed under the control of the SM22α promoter to express either isoform selectively in smooth muscle cells (SM-Iα or SM-Iβ transgene). To generate smooth muscle–specific cGKIα or cGKIβ rescue mice, the SM-Iα or SM-Iβ transgenes were crossed on a cGKI genetic background. The levels of cGKIα or -Iβ expression were comparable to endogenous cGKI expression in wild-type aortic and intestinal...
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  • expression 表示
  • muscle 肌肉
  • rescue 营救
  • generated 发生的
  • cGMP 环鸟苷酸
  • either 任何
  • isozyme 同功酶
  • genetic 遗传的
  • nitroprusside 硝普盐
  • smooth 平滑的