Element-Quality-Based Stiffening for the Pseudoelastic Mesh-Moving Technique
作者: D. IshiharaA. GotoM. OnishiT. HorieT. Niho
刊名: International Journal of Computational Methods, 2020, Vol.17 (04), pp.23
来源数据库: World Scientific Publishing
DOI: 10.1142/S0219876218501463
关键词: Pseudoelastic mesh-moving techniqueInterface tracking methodFluid–structure interactionsFinite element method
原始语种摘要: In this study, element-quality-based stiffening (EQBS) was developed as a method of maintaining mesh quality in the pseudoelastic mesh-moving technique. The proposed EQBS technique increases the stiffness of the element based on two element quality parameters, the element area and shape; this differs from techniques used in previous studies. Importantly, EQBS includes the previously proposed Jacobian-based stiffening (JBS) and minimum height-based stiffening (MHBS) techniques as a specific case. Therefore, it is quite general scenario of the selective stiffening of the mesh. The proposed EQBS technique was applied to the mesh-moving of a rectangular domain including a structure consisting of a square and a fin that undergo large translations and rotations. The proposed EQBS technique...
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  • 雅可比 大的
  • technique 技术
  • moving 移动
  • element 元素
  • shape 形状
  • square 正方形
  • large 大的
  • Jacobian 大的
  • stiffening 加劲
  • proposed 建议的
  • height 高度