The Indiscriminate Use of an Emergency Contraceptive Pill in the Light of the Integrated Literature Review
作者: Bruno Vilas Boas Dias Jaciara Andrade da Silva Luciene das Virgens da Cruz and Samanta de Souza Antognetti
刊名: Nursing and Health Care, 2019, Vol.4 (1)
来源数据库: Edelweiss Publications Inc.
DOI: 10.33805/2573.3877.140
关键词: Indiscriminate-use-emergency-contraceptive-pill-light-integrated-literature
原始语种摘要: Objective: To identify through literature what has caused the indiscriminate use of emergency contraceptives. Method: Bibliographic study of articles published from 2013 to 2019, found in the databases; Bdenf, Lilacs and SciELO, with inclusion and exclusion criteria when 16 articles were selected. Results: The main factors pointed out by the study as a cause for the use of abortion pills were low education, disadvantaged family income with a minimum wage level equal to or less than three minimum wages and the untruthfulness of information acquired in basic health units. Conclusion: It highlights the need to terminate an unwanted pregnancy leading women to misuse of pills that can lead to miscarriage or cause greater harm to women's health who in addition to the pills also seek alternative...
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  • abortion 
  • miscarriage 审判错误
  • literature 文献
  • emergency 非常时期
  • exclusion 排除
  • articles 用品
  • clandestine 秘密的
  • disadvantaged 生活条件差
  • indiscriminate 无差别的
  • misuse 滥用