Precision Joining of Steel-Aluminum Hybrid Structure by Clinching Process
作者: M.I.S. Ismail A.S. Buang
刊名: Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2018, Vol.12 (1)
来源数据库: Penerbit Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
关键词: ClinchingUndercutNeckingFEMDissimilar Material
原始语种摘要: Clinching joining has become an alternative technique to conventional spot welding. This innovative joining technology can reduce the production costs and cycle times, and also offers a great prospective for a new product design and manufacturing. Without a better understanding on physical phenomena associated with the clinching process, the correcting unacceptable clinched joint is extremely costly and impossible for some cases. In this study, the overlap joining of low carbon steel and aluminum alloy in clinching process was experimentally and numerically investigated. The tensile-shear strength of overlap-clinched joints was evaluated by tensile-shear test. This test also was used to study the deformation and failure of clinched joints under tensile-shear loading. The results showed...
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  • 校正 不能接受的
  • joints 纲线的交织
  • punch 冲头
  • tensile 拉的
  • interlocking 联锁
  • numerically 数字上
  • manufacturing 制造
  • unacceptable 不能接受的
  • correcting 不能接受的
  • understanding 理解
  • aluminum