A Comparative Study of Various Vacation Policies in an M/G/1 Retrial Queue with Customer Balking
作者: S. Pavai Madheswari P. Suganthi
刊名: Asia Mathematika, 2017, Vol.1 (2)
来源数据库: Asia Mathematika editorial office
关键词: M/G/1 QueueRetrialBalkingBernoulli VacationModified Bernoulli VacationMultiple VacationSupplementary Variables.
原始语种摘要: It is very important in many real life systems to decide when the server should go for a vacation and what type of vacation policy to be adopted for a better performance of the system. In this paper, an M/G/1 retrial queue, where the customer being informed of the system state is permitted to balk, is considered. This system is studied under various vacation polices such as single vacation with exhaustive service, 1¬-limited service, Bernoulli Scheme and modified Bernoulli Scheme. The system under multiple Bernoulli vacation policy is also discussed. The performance measures P_0, the probability of the system being empty, P_EO, the probability of the orbit being empty, L_s, the mean number of customers in the system and server utilization are found and some interesting results are...
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  • vacation 法院休庭期
  • retrial 再试选
  • balking 挫折
  • Bernoulli 贝努里
  • system 
  • policy 政策
  • being 
  • exhaustive 穷举
  • queue 排队
  • decomposition 分解