My Chapter Upon Lines: Motion, Deviation, and Lineation in Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetics
作者: Scott R MacKenzie
刊名: Criticism, 2019, Vol.61 (1)
来源数据库: Wayne State University Press
原始语种摘要: This essay argues that the eighteenth-century emergence of algebraic and arithmetic methods that require only numeric operators and that do not base their claims to truth upon Euclidean axiomatic geometric magnitudes and relations (lines, angles, proportions) transformed the ontological status of lines. For classicist geometers, the points and magnitudes of Euclid had a status akin to the Longinian sublime: the classical line is not simply a symbol mediating an absent truth; rather, the classical line should be understood as the thing itself. After arithmetization, however, the line is only an inscription, another symbol among many, subject to the gulf between signifier and signified. It is also relegated to an effect of, rather than the organizing principle of, motion, and hence enters...
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  • ungoverned 无调节的
  • digressive 枝枝节节的
  • spectacles 眼镜
  • inscription 记入
  • ideological 意识形态
  • insensible 无感觉的
  • Deviation 船舶绕航绕航偏航
  • signifier 表示
  • understood 明白
  • sublime 升华