Neutrality and the Dutch Objection Procedure
作者: Marc Wever Albert T. Marseille
刊名: Central European Public Administration Review, 2017, Vol.15 (3_4), pp.107-128
来源数据库: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Administration
关键词: NeutralityDispute resolution proceduresAdministrative pre-trial proceduresDutch administrative lawProcedural justice
原始语种摘要: In the Netherlands, if someone disagrees with an administrative order, he is only allowed to seek redress with the administrative courts after he has lodged an objection with the administrative authority responsible for the order. The objection procedure entails that an administrative body reconsiders its own decision. In this contribution we study the preference of objectors concerning the organization of the procedure and to what extent their preference is related to the perceived (lack of) neutrality of the person who conducted their hearing. In particular we focus on the effects of the use of neutral outsiders when conducting hearings. Based on the literature we assumed that the use of outsiders would benefit the experienced impartiality of the person(s) conducting the hearing. The...
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  • administrative 行政的
  • neutrality 中立
  • preference 优选
  • hearing 听觉
  • decision 决定
  • objection 异议
  • Dutch 荷兰的
  • their 他们的
  • particular 细致的
  • conducting 导电的