Reliability and failure functions of some weighted systems
作者: Imad Nashwan
作者单位: 1Al Quds Open University.
刊名: International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 2017, Vol.6 (1), pp.7-13
来源数据库: Science Publishing Corporation
DOI: 10.14419/ijamr.v6i1.6917
关键词: Consecutive weighted k-out-of-n: F systemWeighted f-out-of-n: F systemWeighted systemWeighted systemModular arithmetic.
原始语种摘要: In modern systems, not only the number and the position of the functioning or the failed components are the main factors that keep the system into the functioning state or transform it into failure state, but the contribution or the working probability of the component is also a very important one. This contribution is usually called the component weight. In this paper, the reliability and the failure functions of the consecutive weighted k-out-of-n: F linear and circular system, the weighted f-out-of-n: F system, the weighted (n,f,k) linear and circular system and the weighted linear and circular system are obtained.
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  • weighted 加权
  • system 
  • component 成分
  • failure 破坏
  • state 状态
  • circular 循环的
  • functioning 起酌
  • contribution 贡献
  • called 被呼叫的
  • working 开采