A reply from a ‘pracademic’: It is not all mischief, and there is scope to educate budding authors
作者: Mark H.R. Bussin
作者单位: 1Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, Johannesburg; Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg
刊名: SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 2019, Vol.45 , pp.e1-e3
来源数据库: African Online Scientific Information System PTY Ltd
DOI: 10.4102/sajip.v45i0.1726
关键词: Open-scienceArticle writingAcademic publishingArticle rejectionPublication secrets
原始语种摘要: Problemification: Some academics joined the profession from private sector late in their career. They are sometimes referred to fondly as practical academics or ‘pracademics’ because they still work in private sector and also act as a visiting professor in academia. I sit on eight boards and chair nearly half of them, and serve on audit committees and HR Remuneration committees. I am an example of a ‘pracademic’, and my induction into academia was one sentence – publish or perish. In the private sector, induction can take up to a week. I had one minute.Implications: The implication is that I had to find out what a peer-reviewed journal was and trip into the fact that some peer-reviewed journals are scams and others A rated. Telling the difference in my initial years took its toll. I...
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  • mischief 损害
  • there 那里
  • believe 认为
  • educate 教养
  • scientist 科学家
  • everything 事事
  • themselves 本身
  • articles 用品
  • continually 不断地
  • practitioner 行医