Surgical Safety Checklist: Documentation of Use of Electrocautery and Tourniquet Devices
作者: Fatemeh MarakiAhmad GhadamiMohammadreza ZareiNegin Larti
作者单位: 1Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
刊名: Scientific Journal of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedical Faculty, 2018, Vol.4 (1), pp.62-70
来源数据库: Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences
关键词: DocumentationElectrocauteryTourniquetOperating RoomChecklist
原始语种摘要: Background & Aim: Documentation of cares is one of the responsibilities of operating room nurses. One of the possible patient damages caused during surgery is use of electrocautery and tourniquet devices. Despite the need for recording the performance of these devices, there is no specific part on surgery checklists dedicated to this issue. Therefore, this study aimed to change the safe surgery checklist through documenting the application of electrocautery and tourniquet devices.(#br)Materials & Methods: This action research was conducted on 30 operating room nurses in Isfahan, Iran in 2017. The solution of choice was adding a researcher-made checklist to the operating room files in order to document the use of electrocautery and tourniquet devices for three months. In addition, a...
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  • tourniquet 止血带
  • checklist 校验表
  • electrocautery 电灸
  • intervention 
  • documentation 文件
  • errors 错帐
  • researcher 研究员
  • operating 营运
  • adding 求和
  • provide 规定