Costs and mortality rates of surgical approaches to hysterectomy in Brazil
作者: Kathiane Lustosa AugustoAline Veras Morais BrilhanteGisele Cristine Duarte ModestoDayana Maia SaboiaCássia Fernandes Coelho RochaSara Arcanjo Lino KarbageThaís Fontes de MagalhãesLeonardo Robson Pinheiro Sobreira Bezerra
作者单位: 1Universidade Federal do Ceará. Faculdade de Medicina. Maternidade Escola Assis Chateaubriand. Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
2Universidade de Fortaleza. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Saúde Coletiva. Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
3Maternidade Escola Assis Chateaubriand. Universidade Federal do Ceará. Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
4Universidade Federal do Ceará. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Enfermagem. Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
5Universidade Federal do Ceará. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Clínico-Cirúrgicas. Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
刊名: Revista de Saúde Pública, 2018, Vol.52
来源数据库: Public Health School of the São Paulo University
DOI: 10.11606/S1518-8787.2018052000129
关键词: HysterectomyEconomicsHysterectomyMortalityHealth Care CostsNeoplasmsPrevention & controlWomen's Health ServicesPublic Health
原始语种摘要: ABSTRACT(#br)OBJECTIVE(#br)To analyze the costs of hysterectomies performed in Brazil due to benign conditions, and to assess its hospital admittance and mortality rates.(#br)METHODS(#br)A retrospective cohort was carried out from January 2010 to December 2014, analyzing all hysterectomies (n = 428,346) registered on the DATASUS database between January 2010 and December 2014. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire and analyzed using the SPSS 20.0 for Windows.(#br)RESULTS(#br)Hospital admissions were 300,231 for total abdominal hysterectomies, 46,056 for vaginal hysterectomies, 29,959 for subtotal abdominal hysterectomies and 1,522 for laparoscopic hysterectomies. Mortality rates were 0.26%, 0.09%, 0.07% and 0.05% for subtotal, total abdominal, laparoscopic, and vaginal...
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  • subtotal 部分和
  • abdominal 腹部的
  • hysterectomy 子宫切除术
  • rates 地方税
  • Brazil 巴西
  • vaginal 阴道的
  • database 资料库
  • costs 费用
  • December 十二月
  • January 一月