Literature review on composting heat recovery
作者: Zhao R.
论文集英文名称: AGM Edmonton (2015)
来源数据库: Canadian Society for Bioengineering Conference
关键词: compostingsolid wasteHeat recovery
原始语种摘要: The heat produced from solid waste composting has stimulated great interest in heat recovery and utilization. This review presented advances in the composting heat recovery research in the last decade. Results of various experimental and theoretical studies on composting heat utilization are summarized. The results show great potentials for utilizing heat produced by composting process. Common problems experienced by the current methods are how to realize the maximum heat recovery without negatively impacting compost quality and the economics of heat recovery methods. This study also gives details of the problems and research gaps. Further advancement of these methods is currently receiving increased interest, both academically and commercially.
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  • 体会 经济学
  • composting 制堆肥
  • recovery 回收
  • produced 出品
  • great 大的
  • negatively 否定地
  • stimulated 受激
  • economics 经济学
  • realize 经济学
  • waste 岩屑
  • utilizing 汽化器、使用的